$15 Caving, $4 Camping, $15 Food, $13 Participant Transportation, $6 Trailer
Attending Adults: No cost in exchange for transporting Scouts to/from campout 

There are 60 caving permits. When 60 people have signed up, registration will close and a waiting list will begin. 

Waiver and Permit

About the Campout

We will leave Friday night to drive 3 hours. Please eat dinner prior to arrival at OGUMC. Arriving in the dark at Camp Jackson, Scouts will set up tents and get sleep in preparation for a full day of cave exploring. For Saturday lunch, participants should pack and bring their lunch from home. Other meals (Sat breakfast, dinner, and Sunday breakfast) are being planned by adults and prepared by Adults and Scouts during the weekend. Saturday morning, participants will arrive at Tumbling Rock and gather in their assigned groups (based on comfort with crawling, tight spaces, etc; all levels of confidence will be able to enjoy caving) and given an orientation by experienced instructors. We will be underground most of the day, eating lunch within. 

Here is a short video of a BSA trip from January [2022]. This is a different cave than we will be going to, but it gives a good idea what everybody should expect. All small sections are optional. The small section in the video was a side trip for the folks who wanted to try it but not all participants did it. —Cave instructor Michael Taylor 2022-08-31


All times Eastern (be aware that the cave is in Central time)


Weekend Weather

Here is the area forecast.The trip will happen rain or shine. It will likely be VERY COLD camping. 

Packing list

Bag #1: Bag with gear for inside cave (see below list, "Required items for caving")

Bag #2: Garbage bag with clothes for when out of cave. This bag will be in vehicle and needs to be accessible when you exit the cave. After changing put dirty clothes in garbage bag and a label on it with your name.

Bag #3: Clothes and gear for at the campsite  (see the standard packing list and the cold weather packing list. It will get cold!! 

Bag #1 Required items for caving

Bag #2 - Clothes to change into

Bag #3 - Clothes and gear for campsite

Optional items

Notes about cold weather camping

Your Scout should be responsible for what he packs, as that is how he will learn to be prepared for future campouts  . . . . but with very cold temperatures and precipitation and wind in the forecast, we need parents to look over their shoulders and ask some (or many?) questions (rhetorical if you can so they continue to make the decisions, but drive it to the right conclusion). We won’t have enough backup warm gear if your Scouts doesn't have what he needs so scrutinize WHAT he has and reinforce WHEN he will wear it.

Your Scout will be more comfortable if he . . . .

Finally, please ensure he has the needed gear and clothing and organize his gear as we have listed it on the website so your Scout has what he needs. All of those things for in the cave are very important to remember. Because it will be cold, he will want to get changed efficiently so having exactly what he needs when he needs it is important. 

When to wear class A uniform

Scouts and adult leaders will wear Class A shirts at the following times:


If your scout will take medications during the weekend, please have your Scout turn it over to the medical officer when arriving for departure at OGUMC. 


Caving groups

These will be communicated at a later date


T77 Scouts are to coordinate tenting with other Scout(s) on their own which includes who they are tenting with and who is bringing the tent. They do not need to communicate their arrangements to the Scoutmaster. Check out the Tenting Guidelines here



Highlands Medical Center (between 15-30 minutes from each cave and campsite)

380 Woods Cove Rd, Scottsboro, AL 35768

(256) 259-4444