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Medical forms for All participants

Every participant must have Forms A and B1, B2 for every campout and Form C for any campout that is 72 hours or longer. Make a copy of completed forms, place the originals in the Black Box in Scout Hall during a Tuesday meeting, and set a reminder in your calendar to complete new ones in a year! 

If a participant does not have completed medical forms at least two weeks prior to the campout, that participant will be removed from the campout and not be eligible to attend. 

We want every person to participate, so stay on top of this. Click here to access and print the Medical forms.


We want and need adults to particpate in campouts! Here are things to know . . . .


A participant can cancel registration through the registration deadline (typically two weeks prior to the campout) and not owe the campout fee. Cancellation after registration closes and 7 days prior to the campout will be expected to pay half the fee. Within 7 days of the campout, payment of the full amount will be expected. Those with outstanding invoices are not eligible to register for future campouts. 

Full participation is expected

All scouts are expected to stay for the entire duration of a campout. If there are special circumstances which require a Scout to come late or leave early from a campout, permisson must be sought from and granted by the Scoutmaster and Trip Leader prior to the registration deadline.

Reporting Individual Camping Nights 

Please remember that if you attend a Scouting-related event and camp overnight, like an OA induction or an overnight training, or if you do a Patrol campout or something else not formally organized by the Troop, then it is up to you to record that night in your camping log in your Scout Handbook AND report that night to Mr. Burek and Alex King so it can be recorded in Scoutbook, our Master Camping List, tracked for OA and National Outdoor Award purposes, and you will get Camping Beads for it!  Alex’s email is AKingT77@gmail.com and Mr. Burek’s email is burek_georgia@yahoo.com.  

You need to report the name of where you camped, the dates, the number of nights, and the weather for each ~24 hour cycle.  For example, if you arrived at 5P on Friday and left on Sunday, then you would look at the weather from about 5P on Friday until 5P on Saturday, and then from 5P on Saturday to whenever you left on Sunday and report those conditions.  It’s up to you to decide what the weather was, but if it rains for 30 minutes during the night on Friday and there is no other rain the rest of the weekend, then that’s probably NOT a rain night.  Also, if the weather is 32 degrees or below or if it snows, then you have to provide some kind of proof of that.

If you have any camping nights in the last year that you do not think you reported, then please put together the required information listed about and  go ahead and report those now.


By completing medical forms, training, and planning ahead to limit cancelations you are helping all of us avoid needless scrambling and headaches. 

There will be circumstances that deserve an exception to these guidelines. Communicate the need for an exception to the Chair, Unit leader, Trip Leader, or Campout Coordinator and that group will determine if an exception can be made. 


All Camping Dates can be found on the calendar

We can't have the campout without a Trip Planner and two Trip Leaders! See below for upcoming campouts and let Activities (activities.st77@oakgrovescouting.org) know which campout you can help plan or lead.