Order of the Arrow

Scouting at Oak Grove

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Events and Registration

The link to our Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge website is aacegwa.org . It has a calendar of upcoming events and information on how to register for the events. 


Yes, there are dues in the OA. This year, and every year, dues are $25. In some situations, if you did not pay dues last year, then you will need to pay those in order to pay your dues for this year and stay current. The Troop does NOT reimburse for payment of Adult or Youth OA dues, unless the Adult or Scout is actively involved in OA (e.g., attends monthly meetings, Chapter and Lodge events, Conclaves, Fellowship Events, Service Events, etc.), in which case you need to talk to me or Dr. Gilbert.

The link for paying dues is: atlantabsa.org/OAMemberRenewal 

What is the Order of the Arrow?

According to the Order of the Arrow’s website (oa-bsa.org), the Order of the Arrow is an honor organization that recognizes Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. This recognition provides encouragement for others to live these ideals as well. Arrowmen are known for maintaining camping traditions and spirit, promoting year-round and long-term resident camping, and providing cheerful service to others. OA service, activities, adventures, and training for youth and adults are models of quality leadership development and programming that enrich and help to extend Scouting to America's youth.

Etowah Chapter

The following are the elected officials (and advisor) in our Chapter:

If you have any questions about the events, you can contact Ryan or Andrew, the current Etowah Chapter Chief.