NOTE: The info on this website is in progress, as Woodruff has not released their Merit Badge classes or schedule yet. What you can do is review all the info for cost, details, dates, etc and you can register for Summer Camp (first "Register Here" button below). Anything in orange is a placeholder, with info that needs to be verified. If you select a button that takes you to "Google" that form is not ready yet. 

When: June 16 - 22, 2024   

Sunday - Saturday 
31 Woodruff Dr, Blairsville, GA 30512
 $425 camp fee (covers all Merit Badges and activities) and $75 Troop fee (patches, awards, supplies, transportation, participating adults, etc.)

Register by March 26 for the best chance of getting desired Merit Badge classes. Registrations can continue after March 19 until our slots and Merit Badges at Woodruff are filled.

Note: Click on every RED button on this page and you will complete everything needed for Summer Camp (except payment). Two of these buttons will take you to the following Google Forms to complete

About Summer camp

Summer Camp at Woodruff Scout Camp will be an exciting and memorable week! Scouts will learn Scout skills, earn Merit Badges, participate in individual, patrol, and Troop challenges, and have great fun with friends! 

Key Dates


Daily Schedule

First Year Scouts

Those crossing over into the Troop Spring 2024 should select the Mountaineer Program. This is a great opportunity to learn Scout skills and work on rank advancement by completing requirements together with other First Year Scouts. This program is scheduled for 2 of the 4 periods each morning. For their two remaining periods, First Year Scouts should choose Swimming and First Aid as these are foundational Merit Badges to completing requirements and other Merit Badges. First Year Scouts will have the afternoons free to choose other Merit Badges or activities they would like to do. Click below to learn more. If this is for you, then click on the "Sign Up for Merit Badges" button and complete the form, selecting Mountaineer Program. 

Traditional Scouts 

Second year and older . . .  this will be most Scouts who will select individual Merit Badges. Click here for the full Woodruff Merit Badge Schedule. This is a great way to plan your schedule. If this is for you, then click on the "Sign Up for Merit Badges" button and complete the form.

Older Scout Programs

Older Scouts who have completed needed Merit Badges can challenge themselves with other activities or adventures! When choosing this option, each morning (all 4 periods) are scheduled for the Older Scout program.  Options include 

Older Scouts in this program will have afternoons free for other activities. Click above to learn more. If this is for you, then click on the "Sign Up for Merit Badges" button and complete the form, selecting Advanced Older Scout Program. 

Advice for when registering

Special notes on Merit Badges

Afternoon Activities

Scouts have a lot of choices for how to spend their afternoons. 

special Events

A variety of fun activities, campfires, and programs are offered. 

Evening Troop/Patrol activities

Swim Test prior to camp

Sign up for a swim test on XXXXXX to ensure your Scout is ready for Summer Camp. (Scouts can take the swim test at Woodruff upon arrival to summer camp if they can't make the XXXXXX date. )


Every Scout should have a completed waiver. Please turn in to the black box on Tuesday night

medical forms

Every participant will need Forms A, B1, B2 and C completed. You are responsible to keep medical forms current and a copy for your reference. 

If a participant does not have med forms completed by the dates outlined above, the participant will not go. If you need a new form to complete please obtain a copy at . . . 


If your Scout will take any medication (over-the-counter and/or prescription) during the campout, the parent must complete this dosage form and give just enough medication for the campout in original packaging to the medical officer. Parents should complete this form . . .

NO prescription, over the counter medicine, vitamins or herbal supplements are permitted in a scout’s luggage.

Emergency medications such as Epi-pen and albuterol inhalers should be kept with the Scout at all times!!!!!

Dietary needs

Medical and religious dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Campers can bring their own dietary supplements and food, which can be stored in the camp fridge and pantry. 

Dining Hall Menu


Bring your fishing pole! Our campsites are on a peninsula, so plenty of fishing opportunites around

Detailed list of gear your scout will need to make their stay in camp comfortable.

Gear guide explained - Review more detailed explanations of gear on the packing list 

Gear Recommendations page, (includes Hiker Direct link)

Click here for the Scout Shop online store



Adults who are attending Summer Camp are expected to transport Scouts each way. 

Additional adults will be needed to drive Scouts to camp on June 16 or from camp on June 22. These adults will be given $5 per Scout to help offset auto expenses. 

Those driving the trailers will be reimbursed $0.625 per mile.

Campsite Details


There is a long standing tradition for parents to make snacks (cookies, brownies, bacon for the adults, etc) to send with us for the week. We give these out to scouts that did a good deed, as a daily pick me up, and just because. You do not have to send anything but thanks to those that do.

You will drop them off at Scout Hall the day before departure, Saturday, June 17.

Label all homemade cookies (Gluten Free, Nut Free, etc.) for easier distribution to scouts with allergies.

Please make sure all cookies are in a disposable container that will not need to be returned.

Mail Call

Scouts LOVE to receive mail and packages from home.  Please send packages in enough time for them to arrive during the week (it is OK to send them the week before and the camp will hold them).  Mail can take 4 to 5 days to arrive so please plan accordingly. Any mail received after the Troop has checked out will be returned to the sender. 

Woodruff Scout Camp

Scouts Full Name

Troop 77 or 177, Week 3

31 Woodruff Drive 

Blairsville, GA 30512


Woodruff (Office)..................404-473-8015 

Atlanta Council .....................770-956-5687


Key contacts


1) The Troop 77 Campout and Activity Rules

2) The Troop 77 Electronics Policy, and

3) The Troop 77 Discipline Policy

Cancellations and Refunds

If a Scout cancels their participation in Summer Camp



Union General Hospital

35 Hospital Rd

Blairsville, GA 30512

(706) 745-2111