Appletree Hiking
October 1-2, 2022

We’re looking forward to an excellent weekend of hiking and camping at beautiful Appletree Campground.

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All participants



Appletree Group Camp

(Located off Appletree Campground Road)

2425 Junaluska Rd

Topton, NC 28781

Google Map

GPS: 35.2222187577062, -83.66047142213725

Drive time is approx. 3 hours

For adults driving up, the shortest Route to Appletree is through Franklin, NC. However, this is not the best route unless you really enjoy driving on winding mountain roads. This route  up 575 through Murphy, NC is 2 minutes longer and 5 miles farther, but it's a much easier drive. Whichever route you take, be sure to download the maps to the camp so you can navigate while offline. There is no cell phone coverage in the immediate vicinity of camp and for several miles in any direction.

About our campsite: We are in Campsites B and C. Each site has its own picnic shelter, outdoor group gathering area with a fire ring and lantern posts, restroom with flush toilets, water hydrant, designated parking area and a grassy field for tents and activities. The campground offers a shower house.

Contact info for attending adults

Information for contacting adults on the trip is below. Key contacts are Marcus Taylor and Sara Henderson.   

Important: There is no cellular service available at or immediately nearby Appletree Group Camp.


Scouts need to email Mr. Taylor (marcus.taylor@gmail.com) to let them know who is tenting together, who is bringing the tent, how big the tent is, and if it has a full coverage rainfly. Full coverage means the fly covers the entire tent. In most cases the rainfly will be bigger than the tent body when laid out. If you have a tent with a rain fly that only covers the top of the tent, there's a good chance the rain will saturate the body of the tent and leak. If you don't have a tent with a full coverage fly, find a buddy who does. 

Weekend Weather

As of this posting, the for Sat and Sun calls for nice weather and cool evenings, around 75-85 during the day and 45-55 at night. 

We are monitoring the weather situation, but as of right now it looks like we should be mostly dealing with a lot of rain. Nothing Scouts can't handle, but Scouts should be prepared for cool wet weather. Check forecast  here. These are a few of the things you will want to be sure you're packing. 

When to wear class A uniform

Scouts and adult leaders will wear Class A shirts at the following times:

Prescription Medication?

If your scout will be taking medications during the weekend, please have your Scout turn it over to the Troop medical officer on Friday prior to departure.

Sunday Return to OGUMC

Scouts plan to depart Appletree Campground around 11 a.m. on Sunday. After stopping for lunch, the estimated time to arrive at OGUMC is around 3 pm. After arriving at OGUMC all Scouts will need to be present for roll call and to help unload the trailer before being dismissed. 

A message will be sent via Remind on Sunday with a more accurate return ETA.

Hospital info - Closest Er

Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital

3990 E U.S. Highway 64 Alt

Murphy, NC 28906


Open 24 hours

27 miles / 35 minute drive from campground